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 Just here to say "Hi"

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Just here to say "Hi" Empty
PostSubject: Just here to say "Hi"   Just here to say "Hi" Icon_minitimeFri May 21, 2010 8:28 pm

I'm posting this under recruit because I could not find a general non-rs place to post.

I've popped on RS a couple times in the last week to say hi to old friends.
I quit the game as I decided it was consuming way to much of my time.

If you'd like to see what I'm up to now you can find me on facebook:
"Arrgh Arguous"

Not much of a page yet. I've never been into facebook before. And since quitting rs I've really limited my computer time.

Life is good.
Get out there before too much of it passes you by!
The possibilities are ENDLESS! Believe in yourselves!

Wish you all the best. Tree Find was the most clean, respectful, most fun clan chat I ran into in runescape. Thank you all very much!
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Just here to say "Hi"
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